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Green Cleaning can be defined as "Cleaning that protects health without harming the environment".  We believe it should be a requirement for all Cleaning Companies in the future but we aren't waiting around.    

Ameri-Clean Services started replacing harsh chemicals with safer non-toxic, biodegradable products a few years back when we recognized the effect it was having on our own cleaning staff. We know first hand the difference it has had on everyone just by having happier, healthier employees and fewer sick days.

We have integrated Green Cleaning into our service without sacrificing effectiveness.  Our cleaning products are green seal certified.  We use hepa-filters in our vacuums to improve indoor air quality and we also clean with micro-fiber cloths and 100% cotton cloths that can be used again and again.

By using Green Cleaning products and equipment we eliminate surface damage, improve indoor air quality, promote safer, healthier work environment, and increase work productivity.  Green Cleaning also reduces water and air pollution and gives everyone peace of mind.
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